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A date night activity and discussion guide


Husbands and wives will look over photos to reminisce about the beginning of their relationship together.


Schedule a date at a location that is the same as or similar to one of your first dates.

Gather a few pictures from when you first started dating to bring with you.

During the Date

Pull out the photos and talk about the fun memories each one brings.

Take turns answering the questions below.


  1. When did you first notice/see your spouse?
  2. What was he/she wearing?
  3. What were your first thoughts?
  4. When did you first kiss your spouse?
  5. When did you first say “I love you?”

Reflection Questions

  1. Complete this sentence: One of the qualities that first drew me to you was your _________________.  (i.e., sincerity, loyalty, compassion for others, desire to please the Lord, passion for the truth)
  1. Share your funniest memory together (“I’ll never forget the time . . .”)
  1. Discuss this quote: “If you want what you once had, you must do what you once did.”


Before you go to bed tonight, pray with your spouse, thanking God for great memories and your life together.

Within the next three days, download one of your old love songs and dance together.

© 2011 Inkling Innovations and Chris Sherrod

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