In 2019 we purchased a 20,000 sq ft. office building at 7139 Koll Center Parkway, just across from Gate 12 of the Alameda County Fairgrounds and conveniently located just off Hwy 680.  We operate during the week  out of this building and are going to turn it into our future church home!

Our goal is to have everything ready to go so that the project can begin the day after the City of Pleasanton approves the building permit. The building permit was re-submitted to the city in September 2021. The city doesn’t offer guidance on how long the approval process will take, but we’ve been advised that a project of this complexity may take six months to approve, which would take us to the March/April 2022 time period.

We want to maintain as low debt as possible. Still, we have arranged for a construction loan that will allow us to begin the project as soon as approved by the city. Given our size and previous experience, we believe we will receive sufficient initial gifts that combine with our financing to complete the project.

We hope that God continues to provide us with the vision to expand His kingdom in the Tri-Valley and beyond. If that vision requires another fundraising effort, we would prayerfully consider doing so. We have no plans beyond the “Be the Light” for additional fundraising for the Pleasanton church building.

If the building permit is approved in the March/April 2022 time period, we believe we can have our first services 18 months later by July 2023 — perhaps in time for our 11th birthday as a church!

There is no dedicated office space in the new building. In a way, the entire building is office space. There is, of course, space for many ministries to do their work on Sundays and throughout the week. There is space available for meetings throughout the building that will be used by the staff as well, but we have prioritized the use of space in the new building for multi-use wherever possible, and that includes office space.

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