Compassion Partnership Dollar Match Program

Compassion Partnership Dollar Match Program

We believe the greatest life change happens through individual people helping people, which is why we created the Blue oaks Dollar Match Program:

Want to donate on behalf of someone else? Donate your time on behalf of a loved one, and we’ll send you a card to give them as a gift. After all, the most precious gift you can give is time.

For an even bigger impact, grab a few friends or coworkers!

How to Participate:

  1. Click here to let us know your interests in volunteering.
  2. We’ll help you find your perfect fit.
  3. Volunteer!
  4. Submit your hours within 4 weeks.

Log Your Hours:

Click here to log your hours, or download the APP for quick access. Head to the “Sign Up” page! It’s called “COM: Compassion Volunteer Time Log.” You can download the APP here.

Important Information:

To Receive Contributions:

  • Volunteers must have been active at Blue Oaks 1+ times the month of serving via small group attendance or Sunday services.
  • Hours must be logged within 4 weeks of volunteering.
  • You can log multiple days and hours in a single log.
  • Volunteer must be ages 10+ to receive donation on their behalf.
  • This does NOT include opportunities that may be promoted by the church that are not officially Compassion Partners with Blue Oaks Church (i.e. – Serve Sundays)

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