Pleasanton Unified School Disctrict

Pleasanton Unified School Disctrict

Partnership Description

Pleasanton Unified School District provides K-12 education to the residents of Pleasanton. The Blue Oaks partnership will focus on meeting the needs of students whose families are living in poverty. Volunteers will have the opportunity to help children achieve their educational goals and help equip parents with resources for improved stability.

Student Rises Above

Every morning Julia had to get her four younger siblings ready for school. She had to get them up, make sure they were dressed, had something to eat, had their homework with them and had lunches made. This was all before walking into her first class. At the end of the day she would again need to make sure they had everything with them, help them with any questions on their homework, get dinner ready and then do her own homework. Her mother cleaned houses and her dad was a gardener so they would be gone from before dawn until it was close to bed time in order to earn enough to pay the rent.

Since her parents did not speak English Julia could not go to them for homework help. She got what help she could from friends and teachers. She wanted to go to college but had no resources to make that happen. She worked very hard and her senior year of high school achieved high enough marks to earn a scholarship. Today she is on a full scholarship at Santa Clara University. Many students like Julia can make it if someone spends just a little bit of time with them encouraging them and helping them do their homework or helping their parents learn how to use a computer or speak English.

Key Facts

  • Pleasanton Unified School District has identified 927 families and children living in poverty.
  • If parents earn minimum wage, they need to work 4 full-time jobs to achieve self sufficiency.
  • Suburban residents are the fastest growing segment of poverty: 1 in 3 poor people live in the suburbs. In the Tri-Valley, 10,000 households struggle to meet basic needs for food, shelter, and health care.

Service Opportunities

  • Mentor a student
  • Provide homework help or child care in an after school program
  • Serve as a health care advocate
  • Provide dinner or childcare for a parent meeting
  • Provide meals/snacks before classes for parents or students
  • Donate a bicycle
  • Practice English skills with parents
  • Share technology skills
  • Offer job skill training
  • Help with a teacher appreciation event
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