Senior Support Program of the Tri-Valley

Senior Support Program of the Tri-Valley

Partnership Description

The Senior Support Program of the Tri-Valley provides services and assistance to seniors that foster independence, promote safety and well being, preserve dignity and improve quality of life for more than 1,600 seniors in the Tri-Valley area. The Blue Oaks partnership will help seniors maintain their independence. Volunteers will visit with seniors and assist them with various needs, including organization and transportation.

Senior Fisherman Has Dignity Preserved

Mr. K, 73, was trying hard to maintain his independence but seemed to be slipping. His neighbor was concerned so he called and asked for the Senior Support Program of the Tri-Valley to do a wellness check.

A medication manager who works with Senior Support Program of the Tri-Valley made a house call to make sure everything was ok. At first everything looked great. Then the medication manager asked Mr. K if he was taking his medications. He proudly said yes and told the medication manager he would be right back. He came back into the room with his fishing tackle box in hand and said, “They’re all right here.” Mr. K proceeded to show her his fishing tackle box which contained 13 pill bottles. The medication manager helped him set up a safe system to better organize and manage his medications. She was also able to find out that he needed transportation to his doctor’s appointments and could benefit from a volunteer helping him sort out his bills. Thanks to the neighbor and the support of the Senior Support Program of the Tri-Valley and supportive volunteers Mr. K continues to live on his own, is taking his medications as he is supposed to and has his fishing tackle box clear and ready for fishing.

Key Facts

  • More than 5,600 seniors are served through the Senior Support Program every year.
  • A core of 100 volunteers provide more than 4,000 visits and 5,000 calls per year to seniors.
  • The Senior Support Program facilitates about 5,000 information and referral calls and visits per year.

Service Opportunities

  • Transport a senior for medical appointments or grocery store trips
  • Read to a senior
  • Visit a senior
  • Help go through bills
  • Assist with organization
  • Teach computer skills
  • Share a hobby
  • Participate in a home improvement project
  • Make hygiene kits
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