Ecuador Trip 2020

Ecuador Trip 2020

Blue Oaks is going to Ecuador on July 1-7, 2020!

Blue Oaks is headed to Ecuador and you’re invited! Blue Oaks partners with Compassion International to sponsor two Child Development Centers and church plants, and for the third year we will be returning to Ecuador to visit the kids we sponsor and the communities that support them! We’ll tackle projects at the local church communities, hang out with our sponsor children and their families, and learn a few things about God and his heart for the world along the way. The trip dates are July 1-7 and the total trip cost will be under $1500 a person. 

Trip registration closes on January 25. 

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Many of our team members will be raising their own funding for the trip via letters and fundraising activities, so don’t let money be a barrier to going on this amazing trip. Participants must be aged 12+ by July 1. For those aged 10-11 we might be able to get exceptions.

Ecuador Trip Dates: July 1-7, 2020

Why Ecuador?

Loja Province in Macara, Ecuador and Christian Center of Catacocha in Catacocha Community, Palta Canton, Loja Province, Ecuador. 

Challenges of these communities: 

  • Families live in houses built with cane, wood or clay bricks.
  • The lack of potable water causes poor development in children.
  • One-fifth of the residents of the region’s rural areas are malnourished.
  • More than one-third of the families in the region live in cramped conditions. 
  • In some homes, as many as 10 family members share a 20- to 25-square-foot house.

Challenges facing children in this community:

  • Travel outside the community is very difficult due to poor access roads. 
  • A child’s access to a proper education is greatly limited.
  • Children suffer from ill health due to the unhygienic environment.
  • Children in coastal regions frequently suffer from coughs, flu, parasites and intestinal illnesses that result from drinking dirty water.   
  • Parents earn less than $2 per day, not adequate to meet their basic needs.
  • The majority of children go to school each day without breakfast.

Top goals of these child development centers/churches:

  • Share God’s unconditional love with children.
  • Provide support to families of these two communities.
  • Provide trade skills and educational assistance to help children succeed in school.
  • Meet the basic needs of medical attention, counseling, education, and food.