Summer Activities Guide

Summer Activities Guide

Summer 2017 Activities Guide

Spend your summer connecting out in the community! Invite your neighbors that you want to get to know a bit better, families from your child’s  school, your small group, and new friends to join you for any one of these fun activities happening in our community.

Be sure to tag @blueoakschurch on social media  so we can see your summer adventures!


Please note: These activities are not sponsored by Blue Oaks, but we encourage you to get out in the community and love your neighbors while having a blast. Events are available for anyone and everyone of all ages.

Dublin Family Campouts [Dublin]

  • June 24 – 25 @Emerald Glen Park
  • July 15 – 16 @Alamo Creek Park
  • August 12 – 13 @Schaefer Ranch Park



For information click HERE.

  • 6/10 & 7/8: Kids Cookouts! Cook for the homeless from Noon-3pm in Pleasanton on the 2nd Saturday of each month with other Blue Oaks Kids!! Kids must be accompanied by adult (ages 5+).



For more details about these events, email Joey Manzi HERE.

  • June: Wednesday night group is back! Welcoming in the new 6th graders, and saying goodbye to the 8th graders!
  • June 14:  6:45-9pm! Rockin Jump!  Cost is $20 at the door.  If you don’t own Rockin’ Jump socks, you must buy them for an additional $3 when you arrive.
  • June 25: July 1- HUME LAKE!!!!  Deadline for full payment – June 11.
  • July 5:  BBQ & Testimony night! We will reflect on Hume Lake, play games, and break into  small groups with some burgers & dogs! Location TBA, time 7-9pm
  • July 19: NERF WAR! Bring your guns (and ammo you’re not afraid of losing or mixing & matching with other students). Be ready to dodge obstacles and of course, the leaders will be playing as well!
  • July 30:  CONTROLLED CHAOS, 10am – 12:15pm. First Controlled Chaos for the new 6th graders!!  
  • August 2:  Campfire Night. Location TBD, 7-9pm




For more details about these events, email Joey Manzi HERE.

  • June 17: BBQ & Pool Party from 2-5pm. Bring snacks & finger food to share! (2422 Decker Lane in Livermore.)
  • June 20:  $5 movie night @ Livermore Cinemas + Dinner @ Sauced after the movie. Bring money with you!
  • June 25 – July 1: HUME LAKE!!!!  Deadline for full payment – June 11.
  • July 9:  Campfire Night 7-9pm @ Jarin’s (2816 Waverley Way in Livermore.)
  • July 13: Field Day (Kajabe Can-Can, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee) 2-5pm @ Dublin Sports Complex
  • July 20: Livermore Farmer’s Market + Dinner @ Alehouse. Market from 6-7pm, dinner @ 7pm. Bring cash!
  • August 3: Murder In The Dark 6-9pm. Location: TBA, dinner included!
  • August 12:  Back to School Great America trip, time TBA.




To find out more about serving, email Tiffany Lewis here, or sign up directly here.

  • Play board games, read books, and visit with a senior (all ages).  
  • Kids Cookout! Cook for the homeless with CityTeam.

Dates: 6/10, 7/8,  8/12 @ Noon-3:00pm in Pleasanton (child 5+).  Info HERE.

  • Serve food to those in need with Open Heart Kitchen. (child 10+).
  • Serve meals in Oakland to the homeless with CityTeam (child 12+).
  • Garden for those in need! Volunteer at Fertile GroundWorks to feed the hungry. (child 10+)
  • Greet with your little ones on Sundays!
  • Assist in a kids classroom with your junior volunteer! Kids ages 5+ welcome to serve in nursery or preschool!
  • Bring gift cards, underwear, and socks to church for Undie Sunday July 9-25. Look out for more info!
  • Help make set-up or tear-down at church easy as pie!
  • Assist on the Prayer Team or provide administration assistance to Spiritual Growth Team.