Every|One is an initiative to expand the Kingdom of God in the East Bay Area through Blue Oaks Church and through God’s provision.

Every|One is about making room for everyone God brings, and the life transformation that occurs when they enter His community and hear His truth proclaimed.

We believe the next step for us is to find a permanent location in Pleasanton that creates a strong foundation to expand our physical presence in Livermore, Dublin and San Ramon.

If you call Blue Oaks your church home, we’re asking you to:

Pray for God’s provision. There are many things that need to happen to make this dream a reality. The building owners in the Koll Center and the City of Pleasanton have to approve the re-zoning. We’ve got to gain agreement from a tenant to move out. We’ve got to arrange a design that accommodates our needs with the money that God’ provides. God’s timing is perfect so pray that God opens the right doors in his perfect timing.

Pray for those in our community who need Jesus. Pray that God would lead them to a relationship with Him, and that Blue Oaks would be a place where they can grow in Christ. Pray that Blue Oaks would be prepared for greater capacity to reach out and serve others.

If you made a commitment to Every|One in Nov 2016 we want to thank you . If you’ve not yet been able to give toward that commitment please do everything possible to make that happen. If you were unable to make a commitment in 2016 but are now in a position to do so, please make a commitment and a gift over and above your regular tithe or offering.

If you’d like to consider giving an appreciated asset such as stock, real-estate or the sale of a business, please contact us so we can help advise you on maximizing a gift to Every|One while minimizing the taxes you pay to DC or Sacramento.


Maybe you’re not able to give financially. You still have gifts God can use. We believe every person at Blue Oaks can participate in making this dream of reaching Every|One a reality.

  • Perhaps you love to cook. We will have work parties at some point and perhaps you can help prepare food for the teams.
  • Perhaps you are in the trades and can help in the project through your professional knowledge.
  • Perhaps you know people in your network at the City of Pleasanton where you can put a good word in on our behalf.

There are many ways that you can participate in this project and we’d like to hear from you if you feel called to help. Use the button below to let us know:

I can help!

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