Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Every|One is an initiative to expand the Kingdom of God in the East Bay area through Blue Oaks Church by way of God’s provision.

Every|One is about the thousands of people we have not yet reached – the lost, the marginalized, the broken, the lonely, those who have been forgotten and tossed aside. We believe it is our responsibility to provide space for them, so they can hear God’s word and experience God’s love.

Every|One is about people – making room for Every|One God brings and the life transformation that can occur when they enter His community and hear His truth proclaimed.

For six years, God has not only brought people to Blue Oaks to hear His word, feel His love and experience life transformation; God has also provided Blue Oaks the resources to become a thriving church in our community. God continues to bring more and more people to Blue Oaks, and we are nearing capacity at Foothill High School.

Having prayerfully sought God’s vision and direction for the future of Blue Oaks,we believe the next step for us is to find a permanent location in Pleasanton. This move will create a strong foundation to then further expand our physical presence into Livermore, Dublin and San Ramon.

Every|One is consistent with Blue Oaks’ core values and mission. Our mission is to lead everyone into Christ-centered living.

As you learn more about Every|One, please remember Blue Oaks is not changing our mission or core values.

If you would like to familiarize yourself with Blue Oaks’ mission and values, please visit our website at

We need more room in order to reach more people.

We’re currently in one of the largest rental spaces available in Pleasanton. Our space analysis confirmed that larger spaces such as gyms are not practical rental options for churches because they are used too frequently for recreation on Sunday mornings. An auditorium is considered “full” when 80% of the seats are filled. The maximum number of chairs we can put in the Foothill Multi-Purpose Room is 300. This means our capacity at each service is 256 people.

Think of it this way: we want to be able to seat a new family of four in our worship center without asking them to sit in the front row or having them split-up. When we exceed this 80% capacity guideline, new guests feel like there is no room for them, and this limits the spread of the gospel to our friends and neighbors.

Before we started Blue Oaks Church, we conducted a study in the Tri-Valley; we looked at Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin and San Ramon tallying the total number of seats available each weekend at Bible-believing churches. If every church in the Tri-Valley was full at every service, close to 30,000 people could attend church on a weekend.

According to the 2016 demographic updates, 310,886 people live in the Tri-Valley. This means 280,886 men, women and children would not be able to go to church if they wanted to attend.

The problem will only get worse in the future. By 2020, the Tri-Valley population is projected to grow by 26,000 residents. That’s almost the same number of church seats available today!

Yes. We are currently in contract to purchase a building in Pleasanton. For more details about that building click here.

God calls us as followers to invest in our neighbors and to invite them to Blue Oaks where they have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel. We believe, and research shows, that more people will respond to these invitations when the church is located in the city in which they live.

Our long term vision (5-10 years) is to have a permanent presence in every Tri-Valley city. We will of course need to grow into that vision, and use rental facilities similar to what we have done at Foothill High School along the way

The church will need to borrow money in order to purchase a building. Click here for a closer look about the financials of the building.

The best practice for healthy churches is to expend no more than 25% of the annual operating budget on real estate. We have adopted this as a standard budgetary policy of Blue Oaks Church. Based on the rent we pay for our office space, and to the Pleasanton Unified School District for our Sunday space we can likely lower our monthly real estate expenses once we raise the down payment and additional funds required to cover the remodeling expenses.

The goal is to move in sometime between Easter and the end of the year, 2020. There are a number of things which need to happen before we move in. The zoning of the building must be changed from office/industrial to conference space; this requires approval by the City of Pleasanton. To accommodate the congregational space that we need, remodeling and seismic upgrades are required. Once we know the total costs of remodeling, the final financing will be secured. Then the actual remodeling of the building will commence.

You can participate first through prayer. Ask God to lead us to the perfect opportunities for Blue Oaks that will enable us to make a greater impact for the kingdom of God in our area.

Continue to support Blue Oaks through your regular giving, as well as your additional gifts to Every|One.

Finally, you can let us know of any strengths and skills you possess that might equip you to participate more directly in any of the phases of the project.

Pray for the resources needed to remodel the building in Pleasanton. Pray for rezoning approval.

Pray for those in our community who need Jesus. Pray that God would lead them to a relationship with Him, and that Blue Oaks would be a place where they can grow in Christ. Pray that Blue Oaks would be prepared for a greater capacity to reach out and serve others.

Blue Oaks Church is accredited by the ECFA as compliant with seven standards of responsible stewardship. For more details about these standards, and to see our published financial records since becoming accredited, please visit

Yes. It may in fact be easier and smarter to consider gifts of assets. Income producing real estate, raw land, stock in a family business and other assets can be leveraged to support the initiative. Giving assets not only allows you to create a significant current gift, it often offers meaningful tax advantages as well. This is especially true for assets which have significantly appreciated in value such as real estate or businesses. In these instances, you may be able to significantly reduce or even eliminate otherwise recognized long-term capital gain tax.

If you are interested in learning more about these alternatives email

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