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Family Ministry Intern

Want to discover how you can turn your gifts and passions into a job you love? A semester or year long paid internship at Blue Oaks Church can offer you a hands-on opportunity to work alongside our staff and see close up what it’s like to leverage your unique traits in the church workplace serving the next generation. We will train and mentor you with the goal of helping you discover who God created you to be! 

What makes a great intern?

  • Christ-centered Life – A growing relationship with Jesus.
  • Passion – Strong desire to see kids and students meet Jesus and choose a Christ-centered life.
  • Servant Attitude – If it needs to be done, you’re willing to do it!
  • Highly Relational – Relates well with Volunteers, Students, and Parents.
  • Teachable – Bring your fresh ideas AND a willingness to learn from staff and volunteers who have more experience.
  • Team Player – Thrives in a team environment and enjoys collaborating with others.
  • Flexibility – Able to adapt, take necessary risks with a team, and move at a fast pace.

Intern responsibilities

  • Actively engage in day to day office activities including weekly staff meetings, administrative and office tasks, and one-on-one coaching with staff members. 
  • Be hands on with kids and students development including customizing kids curriculum for our unique environment and prepping weekly supplies, helping coach and disciple leaders, plan fun events and hangout opportunities for students, be around to engage in God centered conversations and life rhythms with students. 

What kind of a commitment is it?

  • Internships requirements can range from 25 to 40 hours per week

Is there compensation?

  • $18 per hour

Student Ministry Director

Updated: July 2021

The Student Ministry Director is responsible for working with the Family Ministry team to provide direction for the student ministry at large and specifically for developing a team of volunteer leaders and partnering with parents to serve the middle school and high school students at Blue Oaks Church. While leadership opportunities within other areas of Family Ministry will exist, you will take primary responsibility for Middle School and High School Ministries.

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