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Purpose & Structure

Under the direction of the Teaching and Executive Pastors, the Worship Pastor leads the church in worship and the development and management of the worship ministry under Blue Oaks’ mission to “Lead Everyone Into Christ-Centered Living.”

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide pastoral, visionary, and spiritual leadership to the Worship Arts Ministry staff and volunteers.
  • Passionately call the church to worship in all Blue Oaks gatherings.
  • Oversee all worship arts gatherings, including, but not limited to, weekend worship, special all-church events, etc.
  • Facilitate creativity by providing an ideas-oriented environment.
  • Build and maintain a healthy & effective Worship Ministry.
  • Provide spiritual oversight of worship Ministry volunteers.
  • Provide directional leadership to Kids and Student Ministry Worship, raising a team of people who will effectively lead these areas.
  • Meet regularly with the Teaching Pastor and others involved in leadership relevant to worship services and special events.
  • Shepherd leaders who will build a worship culture that is continually attracting new musicians, technicians, and artists, infusing new talent, resulting in an ever-growing and dynamic worship ministry.
  • Participate and be active in Sermon/Series Planning Retreats and meetings.
  • Be available for staff and team meetings
  • Perform pastoral care duties of the church as needed.

General Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain an influential and active culture of discipleship among the worship team to ensure Blue Oak’s best offering to God.
  • Develop your team to realize their God-given potential.
  • Help produce outreach-oriented events that are strategic to the overall vision and mission of the church.
  • Develop strategic plans for the Worship Ministry in alignment with the overall church mission, vision, values, and strategies.
  • Oversee systems that facilitate good communication amongst ministry staff and teams.
  • Set annual goals for the Worship Ministry under the direction of Executive Pastor Joe Hartley.
  • Oversee the creation and implementation of the Worship Ministry budget.
  • Develop systems and structures that will create a healthy, God-honoring ministry culture.

Organization Relationships

  • Accountability: Be accountable to the Teaching Pastor, Executive Pastor, Elder Board, and ultimately the congregation of Blue Oaks.
  • Oversee and lead Worship Ministry Staff and volunteers.
  • Work in conjunction with the Production & Creative Arts Director.

Team Member Contribution

  • Actively contribute to the improvement of the ministry of Blue Oaks Church and provide prayerful support.
  • Teamwork: Function well with co-workers, treating them with honor and grace.
  • Spiritual Encouragement: Encourage spiritual focus and commitment by modeling the DNA of Blue Oaks Church.
  • Improvement of Ministry Operations: Contribute toward improving the ministry as a whole.


  • A person of authentic Christian experience and established character.
  • Experienced in, and calling to the work of pastoral worship ministry.
  • Ability to work on a team toward specific goals in a mutually informative and supportive manner.
  • A teachable and open attitude.

Education or Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required.
  • Proven pastoral & ministry experience of at least five years as a full-time church staff member.
  • They can clearly articulate their philosophy of building a healthy worship ministry and culture.

Salary & Benefits

Salary will be determined based upon experience and education. Benefits include: Health insurance for the entire family, retirement plan matching, paid vacation, paid annual conference attendance or personal growth strategy, and a relocation package.

Student Ministry Director

Updated: July 2021

The Student Ministry Director is responsible for working with the Family Ministry team to provide direction for the student ministry at large and specifically for developing a team of volunteer leaders and partnering with parents to serve the middle school and high school students at Blue Oaks Church. While leadership opportunities within other areas of Family Ministry will exist, you will take primary responsibility for Middle School and High School Ministries.

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