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Sunday Feature, March 2021

GROW: This month we are joining church, walking through eight core beliefs that help us understand and define our faith!

Talk About It Together!

  1. How do you think God is? How would you describe God?
  2. What does it mean to have a personal relationship with God?
  3. Why do you think we have the Bible?
  4. How does the Bible help you in your day to day life?
  5. What does it mean to put God first in our lives?

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  • When is a time when you felt like God heard you? When is a time when you felt like God didn’t hear you?
  • In Exodus God hears his people, and he responds by sending Moses. They had to wait a bit, but God was listening the entire time. How does it feel to know that God hears us each and every day?
  • God didn’t just hear his people, but he delivered them both from the plagues and then out of Egypt. What do you think the people must have felt and thought being free after so many years of slavery?
  • Relief, joy, unfathomable joy. Stress, worry, anxiety, it all comes along with deliverance. What do you feel stuck by this month, and how can you ask God for deliverance?
  • God sent his presence as the people wandered, a pillar of fire and smoke to guide them. What does this teach you about God?
  • We can’t see God like we see other things, but we know God is present. How does this understanding help you grow with God?

Blue Oaks High School Ministry

We are excited to partner with parents and the Blue Oaks community to help students experience God through warm and welcoming small groups, exciting and fun events, and engaging Bible exploration

We would love for your Middle School student to join our small groups!

  • In Person: Sunday 7pm – 8pm at the Church Office
  • Online: Thursday 7pm -8pm

For more details or if you have questions, reach out to our Student Pastor, Kylie!   kyliemccormick@blueoakschurch.org

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