Open Heart Kitchen

Open Heart Kitchen

Open Heart Kitchen provides fresh, hot meals to those in need in our own backyard. Actually, they are the only hot meal program in the Tri-Valley area. Not sure who is “in need” in our own community? There are 10,000 families in need in the Tri-Valley alone living under the poverty line, which is why Open Heart Kitchen is crucial to ensuring that hunger is never a barrier for our neighbors on a journey to reach self-sustainable, joyful lives.

There are lots of ways for you to partner with Open Heart in making sure that no child goes to school hungry and no adult is inhibited in their opportunities by hunger. Whether you’re prepping boxed lunches that might be the only meal a child gets that weekend, or you’re directly serving families as they come to receive a hot meal, you’ll make a big impact.

Find out more about Open Heart Kitchen here.

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If you are not prepared to serve now but want to support Blue Oaks’ Compassion Ministry, you can make a donation to the Blue Oaks Compassion Fund here:


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