Sunflower Hill

Sunflower Hill

Sunflower Hill is working to create a sustainable residential community for individuals with special needs – similar to senior living. Our community would not only support life-long living opportunities, but social, vocational, educational and recreational programs to ensure a full and productive life.

Sunflower Hill at Hagemann Ranch offers programs which help connect people with special needs back to a purpose greater than themselves, something we all need. At the ranch, special needs “ranchers” grow food which is donated to organizations who feed the hungry in the Tri-Valley, like Open Heart Kitchen. By gardening with someone with special needs, not only are you providing companionship and friendship, but you’re contributing to ending poverty in our community.

Whether you’re gardening every Friday with someone who has special needs or volunteering at the kitchen at the Stable Cafe, you can make a difference!

You can find out more about Sunflower Hill here.

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If you are not prepared to serve now but want to support Blue Oaks’ Compassion Ministry, you can make a donation to the Blue Oaks Compassion Fund here:


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