A Heart For God

A Heart For God

David is an example to those of us who desire to have “a heart after God’s own heart.” David’s heart was characterized as being fully abandoned to God. We can be abandoned to God if we’re moved to give to Him with the passion of David. David’s heart can also be seen as one experiencing deep reflection. We also can have a heart that goes deep with God, especially in times of solitude. David’s heart was also undivided. He loved people with the loyal heart of a shepherd. Our hearts can be as full when we devote ourselves to loving God and people the way David did.

Next Steps

  • I will freely express my heart, with no shame or embarrassment.
  • I will allow God to shape a deep and reflective heart in me.
  • I will commit to reading through the Psalms this year.
  • I will love the people in my life with a loyal heart like David.
  • I will extend grace and love to difficult people.
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