Actionize Your Worship

Actionize Your Worship

This week we are continuing our series on worship; over the past few weeks, we have talked about our posture for worship and how our mood and our worship intertwine, but one element of our worship experience is missing. The action in worship.

Some of us feel comfortable being expressive, allowing large actions to flow as we worship in song. Others feel more comfortable with a more reflective stance, allowing the Spirit to move in its gentle waves. Yet all of us find moments of action-oriented in our worship experience.

This week we will be reflecting on some of the popular Christmas characters to understand how worship and action intertwine, allowing us to set our minds, hearts, and actions on Jesus during this season of celebration.


  • I will read the story of the Shepherds and the Magi as I prepare my heart and mind
  • for Christmas I will reflect on ways that I can embody a posture of worship

  • I will let my sight draw me to see something extraordinary that God has placed in front of me
  • I will listen intently to conversations with friends and family as a form of worship
  • I will actively engage in a time of worship music, listening for how God is forming me in the sound
  • I will meditate on the journey that the Shepherds and Magi took, and reflect on my own faith journey
  • I will worship Jesus by taking a step forward in my faith
  • I will talk about how I am worshipping God with part of my community, and invite them to reimagine their worship this week
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