All around this world there are nations, countries and kingdoms that come into contact with each other on a moment to moment basis.  Sometimes two nations interacting with each other can lead to tension and confusion.  On the other hand, there are many times when the meeting of kingdoms and nations can be a harmonious event.  Either way, there is usually somebody in the middle orchestrating the desired outcome for each nation, country or kingdom involved.

These people are known as ambassadors.

Their sole task is to diplomatically represent their home country when interacting with a foreign nation.  This one person represents the heart, the desires, the beliefs and the mission of their native country.

As we continue in the series Perspective, we will look at how each person who claims to be a follower of Jesus is in fact an ambassador of the kingdom of heaven.   We will learn how a simple shift in the way we view ourselves can radically change how we represent the kingdom of Christ to this world, and we’ll explore how anyone can become a citizen of the kingdom.

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