The Boldness of a Hero

The Boldness of a Hero

In this message we learn how God built a boldness in David’s heart as he faced a battle against his giant, Goliath.

We learn that when we face our own Goliaths, the giants in our lives that we need to find victory over, we can either lose heart or we can develop a bold heart like David. We learn about how everyday challenges provide an opportunity to develop a bold heart. Also, if we show that we can face criticism and opposition and not be detoured, we can develop a bold heart.

In addition, if we resist pressure to conform, our hearts can become significantly stronger. Facing the crisis moments of our lives will strengthen our hearts like nothing else. And when we realize it’s not by our strength or our courage, but it’s by allowing God to unleash His power in our life, that’s when we’re going to find the kind of victory David found.

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