Building Healthy Marriages

Building Healthy Marriages

We will be talking about the marriage relationship, and how ultimately the reason God made human beings was to experience community. God loves community and we need each other if we’re ever going to achieve God’s goal of community.

The evil one does not want there to be friendship, respect and honor between husbands and wives. He hates community and he will do anything to destroy it. Jesus, on the other hand, put to death the hostility that separates people, and he restores oneness; not just between us and God, but between us and each other.

We will focus on three takeaways that will make a tremendous difference and contribute to oneness in our marriages. These are ways we can love and serve our spouse the way God intended us to.

1. Show respect and honor in decision-making.
2. Show sensitivity to the needs and desires of our spouse.
3. Show devotion to serve one another.

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