Choose Growth

Choose Growth

In the story of the soils from Mathew 13, we learn that soil must be soft, deep and free from clutter in order for growth to occur. Jesus says the soil represents our hearts. Our hearts must be soft to truth. Our hearts must be able to withstand difficulties and maintain our faith. Our hearts must be free from the cares of the world. If our hearts are tender towards God, and our devotion is deep and rooted, and our lives are uncluttered, watch out! Growth will be unstoppable!

Next Steps

  • I will pray, “I need you God. I want your Word to take root in my life.”
  • I will pray, “God, soften my heart so that I’m tenderhearted toward you.”
  • I will take a deep unhurried time alone with God to share my heart this week.
  • I will take responsibility for the development of my spiritual life.
  • I will take responsibility for the spiritual practices that keep me rooted in Christ.
  • I will remove the clutter in my life to make room for growth.
  • I will be faithful in sowing seed, realizing it will land on good soil 1/4 of the time.
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