Come As You Are

Come As You Are

Who has the good life? Any serious thinker about the human condition must address this question. For the last two decades, the biggest movement in psychology is what’s called positive psychology — research on happiness, well-being, and flourishing – a research area that deals precisely with this question.

The most famous sermon in the history of the world — The Sermon on the Mount — had the most famous beginning of any sermon ever, although it’s widely misunderstood. Jesus begins with the word “Blessed,” which is where we begin this week to answer the question, “Who has the good life?”

Next Steps

  • I will ask God to help me see what he sees in people.
  • I will practice looking at people differently this week.
  • I will study Matthew 5-7.
  • I will stop admiring Jesus and start following him.
  • I will become a student of Jesus and learn whatever he teaches.
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