Community in the Deep Down Dark

Community in the Deep Down Dark

The deep down dark is the place you get to when you’re stuck. It’s when you realize human sufficiency isn’t going to cut it. It’s the place you realize, “I need God.” In the book Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer is in Nazi-occupied Germany with a little underground crew of guys, and they discover, in danger and risk, an intensity of community they never knew when they were safe.

Someone struggles with addiction, or gets cancer, or suffers a loss, or loses their job, or goes bankrupt, or shatters their reputation, or gets their heart broken; and somehow they find there is a community that they never knew when life was okay. That’s the community of the deep down dark. In this message we will talk about some observations about this type of community and our need for it.

Next Steps

  • I will join a small group because connection is critical.
  • I will not let the fact that people are messed up prevent me from being in community.
  • I will take off the mask in community and be honest about my sin and struggles.
  • I will encourage others and spread hope in my community.
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