If You Say “You Fool” You’re In Danger Of Hell

If You Say “You Fool” You’re In Danger Of Hell

What exactly is this thing we call anger? Even psychologists refer to it as our most baffling behavior. It’s a perplexing emotion. Why are some able to control it and others are controlled by it? We know this from God’s Word: God created us in His image and designed us with the capacity for anger. We also know that experiencing anger isn’t always a bad thing. Even God got angry.

How we manage our anger is vital!

When other people hurt us, our natural tendency is to retaliate by hurting them back. However, Jesus taught, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

It’s okay for us to get angry. But if we want to become people who live according to the teaching of the wisest man who ever lived, we need to understand why we are angry, we need to avoid sin by asking God for wisdom and guidance, and we need to seek reconciliation with those who have wronged us.

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Hi, I thought this may interest you: If You Say "You Fool" You're In Danger Of Hell! Here is the link: https://blueoakschurch.org/sermons/dealing-with-anger/