Join us for the last week of our series on one-word life-changers, Simple Words. Each week we’ve looked at one simple word that can actually change your life if you allow it to. We have explored what Yes and No mean and how Help and Sorry can change our actions and perception. This week we look at a tremendous word. It’s a word that can bring enormous freedom and meaning, but it’s the most countercultural word of this series, Enough.

In our consumer culture, we are constantly bombarded with the idea of more, and this culture often means that we take and consume. We consume not only material things, but we think that if we just buy enough or gain enough that we will be happy, fulfilled, and purposeful. It leaves us with a never-ending need for more, so not only do we often struggle with giving, but we also struggle with understanding when something is enough.

This story and the ever-present need for more isn’t just culturally fixated; we see a similar problem in the Bible. Zacchaeus, a tax collector, never had enough, and it drove his actions and his vocation to a place in which he was alienated from the community. Yet a simple encounter with Jesus changed that; it reversed his thoughts and his actions, and he found himself enough.

Join us this week as we hear and reflect on the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus and learn, as a community, what Enough really means for our Christ-centered living.

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