Find Freedom Through Fasting

Find Freedom Through Fasting

Fasting is simply the practice of abstaining from food, drink, or other things for a period of time. It’s considered a helpful practice for human flourishing. For Jesus, it became a way to experience and depend on the reality of the kingdom, the presence, and power of God.

When we fast we realize how much our bodies insist on having their way, and we learn about the kind of grip food has on our lives. We discover how we might use food, drink, or some other substance to try to comfort our flesh, to avoid having to face boredom, the fear of something, a lack of self-worth, inner emptiness, or a feeling that our work does not have value. We learn these things when we fast. In fasting, we discover it’s possible to have an unsatisfied appetite and still survive. And eventually, we can learn it’s possible to have an unsatisfied appetite and thrive! We can learn in small ways the art of suffering happily.

Next Steps

  • I will engage in fasting with humility and surrender for the purpose of freedom.
  • I will fast from something in order to make space to be nourished by God.
  • I will fast and reach out with compassion to those who are hungry.
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