First in Generosity

First in Generosity

In Matthew 6:2-4, Jesus teaches a profound observation about human behavior in the kingdom of God. Your giving should become habitual to the point that your left hand doesn’t know what your right hand is doing.

Initially, when you begin to give and are generous with your resources, it will feel like you’re doing something heroic. Eventually, you can be generous without thinking about how wonderful you are. Dallas Willard said, “A sign of spiritual maturity is the thought that no longer occurs to you.”

This week we look at the rewards of generosity. And hopefully you will be able to say, “I want to follow Jesus in this area of giving generously. I want to live my financial life for an audience of one.”

Next Steps

  • I will practice giving generously in secret.
  • I will take toward being more generous.
  • I will use technology to translate good intentions to action.
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