Five Ways To Live With Joy In The Meantime

Five Ways To Live With Joy In The Meantime

Most of us know how to live well when things are going our way. But how do we live in the face of problems or in the mundane of ordinary days? How do we live in the meantime?

The meantime is the space between a prayer to God and it’s answer on earth. The Apostle Paul wrote Philippians when he was in a meantime.

He wrote from prison but even though he was in a hard place, he refused to let to defeat him or derail his faith. Philippians known as Paul’s joy letter is packed with truth, wisdom and encouragement from a man who learned how to live well in every situation.

Joy might not always come easy but it’s something we can fight for as we stand in the faith remembering that whatever happens, God is with us, loves us and will forever be faithful. Paul was teaching about abundance in a world filled with hardships.

We too can thrive and find Joy as we embrace the practices of rejoicing in the face of anything and everything that comes our way.

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