The Generosity of a Hero

The Generosity of a Hero

We’ve discovered in this Unlikely Hero series that David wasn’t always the most God-honoring king. We saw a couple weeks ago how badly he mishandled sexuality and power. We saw how his family, to a large extent, was a disaster. David was not always terribly honest.

But I’ll tell you one thing David got right: He had a generous heart. David loved to give. I think he gets an A-plus in the generosity department. David understood that everything he had, materially or otherwise, was really God’s. With that attitude, David is an inspiration to us.

We’ll learn three things about generosity from David this Sunday:

1. A generous person focuses on the needs of others, rather than on his or her own discontent.
2. A generous person looks for opportunities to give.
3. A generous person increasingly experiences joy when he or she gives.

We’ll look at three stories in David’s life and learn how we too can live generously.

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