Get Your Hands Dirty

Get Your Hands Dirty

There’s a fundamental truth about the church, and that is: the church will always frustrate you if you approach it as a consumer who is trying to get something back from it. That’s why the writers of Scripture describe the church as a community of servants.

In this message we will look at the reasons we are to serve, including:

  • God created you to serve.
  • God called you to serve.
  • God gifted you to serve.
  • God changes you when you serve.
  • God uses you when you serve.
  • God rewards you when you serve.
  • Jesus told us his plan for his church a long time ago — “If you would be great, be a servant.” So let’s be great!

    Next Steps

  • I will commit to this teaching series to learn about spiritual gifts.
  • I will start serving to discover my spiritual gift.
  • I will join a serving team at Blue Oaks.
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