Go Show Them Their Fault

Go Show Them Their Fault

This sermon is a look at Matthew 18 where Jesus lays out a clear formula for conflict resolution. 

He says as clearly as it can be said, if you’re having a problem in a relationship, if there is sin or an offense or hurt in a relationship, go directly to the person you’re having a problem with and confront that person in a private face-to-face conversation.

If the person is not responsive, bring another person along with you in order to keep the conversation moving in the right direction. 

And if that doesn’t work, Jesus says we need to bring it to the church for help.

This process is pretty simple and easy to understand. The challenge is not understanding it. The challenge is doing it. 

Our tendency is to avoid conflict. But here’s the deal, when we don’t confront one another, we rob each other of the chance to grow. Confrontation and conflict provide one of the best opportunities for growth and life change.

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