Hope With Difficult People

Hope With Difficult People

Some of us have relationships with people who are “high-maintenance people.” Through certain negative character traits, they make it difficult for us to be around them.

Jesus teaches that we must avoid conventional wisdom when dealing with high-maintenance people. Instead of reacting negatively to these difficult people, we look at wisdom from Scripture on how to respond in a healthy way.

The writers of Scripture have quite a lot to say about relational wisdom. In fact, some of Jesus’ most famous sayings, and some of his most misunderstood sayings, are about difficult relationships.

Conventional human wisdom says avoid difficult people, hurt them, or hold them in contempt. Pass judgment on them as inferior people. Look down on them. Want them to hurt.

Jesus says, “There’s a better way. There’s a new possibility with God’s help.” It will take judgment and discernment. It’s not always simple. There are not always mechanical rules to cover every situation. But it’s a way of love.

We examine four different kinds of difficult people and how we can respond to them the way Jesus would respond to them if he were in our place.

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