Hope in Times of Waiting

Hope in Times of Waiting

We all have times in life when we wait and it seems like all hope is lost. This message could be a powerful one for those who are waiting on God for something.

Some are very serious and difficult kinds of waiting – like the waiting of a single person to see if God might have marriage in store for him or her, or the waiting of a childless couple who desperately want to start a family, or the waiting of someone who longs to find meaningful work, or the waiting of a depressed person for a morning when he or she will wake up wanting to live, or the waiting of a spouse that’s trapped in a hurting marriage, or the waiting for the results of a medical tests, or the waiting for the radiation treatments to become effective.

Waiting can be one of the most difficult things we do in life.

This week we look at why God makes us wait, and more specifically, what He is doing in us while we wait.

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