How to Be in a Great Mood

How to Be in a Great Mood

They sing that it is beginning to look like Christmas, but is it beginning to feel like Christmas? And what exactly are your normal Christmas feelings, your normal Christmas mood?

If we were honest, we would say that our mood changes a lot during Christmas; we are filled with hope and joy but also frustration or annoyance. The beauty of the twinkling Christmas lights and the family fun of diners bring us warmth and love. But the stresses of the end of the year and the chaos of the season can bring dread and stress, and anxiety. We lament, and we love, we worship, and we worry; all of the moods of Christmas flood our days.

We don’t usually talk about your mood around this time of the year, but your mood is actually a really important part of your spiritual life, although we don’t often think about them together. We could define mood as a pervasive tendency to feel a certain way, and while we all carry lots of moods, most of us could divide them into good or bad moods.

This week we’ll talk about this important but kind of tricky connection with your spiritual life and your mood. And we’ll look at four practices that you can engage in between now and Christmas so that your whole person, including your heart, and your mood, can be guided by worship and by God.

Next Steps

  • I will ask Jesus to set my mood first thing in the morning.
  • I will let my knees hit the floor before my feet hit the floor when I wake up.
  • I will be grateful for the many gifts God has given me.
  • I will consider it joy when I have problems.
  • I will worship Jesus in the midst of my problems.
  • I will extend invitations to our Christmas Eve services.
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