I’m Done With Dealing With Shame

I’m Done With Dealing With Shame

I was listening to Brené Brown in a TED talk describe the destructive power of shame. That’s when I decided, “One day I want to teach a message that will bring healing to people at Blue Oaks who are dealing with shame.” 

Shame can be lethal. It can destroy our confidence. It can wither our spirits. It can paralyze our relationships. Experts in the field say struggling with shame can lead to rage, addiction, eating disorders, depression, or even suicide.

Shame is this feeling of heaviness that sits on a person when they feel they don’t measure up to who they were meant to be. One woman who wrestles with shame put it like this, “I feel not just like I’ve done something wrong and I feel guilty, but that there’s something wrong with me.”

This Sunday we look at two questions related to shame: 

  1. Where does it come from? 
  2. How do we gain the power to be done with dealing with it?

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