Life Is Better Together

Life Is Better Together

The number one resource God generally uses to grow you, to make you better, to shape you and mold you, is people. So it’s important to ask, “Am I in community? Am I in relationship with some people who will evoke my best self, who will help me grow in ways God really wants?”

About 2,000 years ago, Jesus started his first small group. He chose 12 people to be in it. In this message we look at why each of them got picked and what made them great. This is the greatest story of team formation in history. And we’re going to do a little player-by-player analysis.

Next Steps

  • I will ask God to use the people in my life to grow me.
  • I will do life with arms wide open, looking for people to include.
  • I will join a small group, where the presence of Jesus is made available.
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