Looking For Love

Looking For Love

This week in our “Confidence” teaching series, we look at what happens in Genesis 29-30, a story of when Jacob goes looking for love. Love is a core, basic human need, so even though the story of Jacob happened many years ago and took place in a drastically different culture, we still find bits of truth that help us understand what love is and how to define our love journey.

The story is found in Genesis 29-30, and through the characters of Jacob, Rachel, and Leah, we see the peaks and valleys of love. We see the joy and heartbreak, betrayal and trust, beauty and pain that comes in each love journey. Through these characters, we’ll learn about God’s heart for those who are not loved, and we’ll learn that when we confess our wounds, hurts, sin, guilt, and shame, the love of God covers us, and the forgiveness of God heals us.

Next Steps

  • In prayer this week, I will bring my real self to the real God and let him love me.
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