Modeled Through Suffering

Modeled Through Suffering

This week in the book of Daniel, God attempts to reason with Nebuchadnezzar about the king’s arrogant, self-centered ways.

Through Daniel, God warns Nebuchadnezzar that He will cause the king to go mad for a long period of time until Nebuchadnezzar acknowledges God’s sovereignty over his life.

In the end, Nebuchadnezzar does honor God, but not before a long season of madness and suffering.

The implication for us is that sometimes God tries to reason with us about our sinfulness through His word. But He may have go to “plan B” and allow us a time of trial before we finally get it.

Like a potter, God attempts to mold us, if we only let Him.

We may have to suffer to learn about His sovereignty, but if we “reason with Him,” we will learn that the Potter is attempting to mold us into a work of art.

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