More Than Body Parts & Nerve Endings

More Than Body Parts & Nerve Endings

The writers of Scripture teach that sexual intimacy is not just simply a physical act, and does not just involve body parts and nerve endings. It’s not simply biology.

When it comes to sex, we’re dealing with something so explosively powerful that deeply involves the human soul. Each of us has holds questions. Are other sexual positions sinful? Is thinking of sex a sin? What are the sensitive parts or what is the pc muscle? God did not create us as souls, and then just wrap us around a disposable bodies. God created Adam’s body and then breathed into it the breath of life. His body was intimately connected with his soul.

This Sunday as we explore why sex is so unspeakably intimate, sensitive, delicate and powerful; why it is as close as any human being can come in this world to touching someone else’s soul.

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