This week we are launching into a new series, Simple Words.

We all know that words hold power. We create in-group and out-group experiences through words, we have words that help us think about our favorite books or movies, and we feel emotions when words come to mind.

Sometimes, the simplest of words can change the trajectory of your life. The word Help can begin the healing process for those struggling with addiction. The word Yes can open the door to new possibilities. The word Sorry can bring healing to relationships. Using these simple words will allow God to do profound things in your life.

This week we begin with the word No. No is such an important word. It can liberate you. It can free you. It can help you to set boundaries. It can allow you to make space for God when your life is crammed and full of stuff, burdens, and obligations. No can be a wonderful gift, but we must use it in order to experience the beauty of the word.

This week we are exploring the word No through the temptations of Jesus. In Luke 4:1-13, Jesus said no to things that we often deem as valuable; he said no to material things, no to authority, and no to power. The no’s of Jesus not only teach us but also stir within us a response to follow Jesus and say no to things. Maybe you need to start emptying your life in order to free yourself up. Maybe you need to say no to defining your identity through your work. Maybe you need to say no to an overwhelming schedule. Join us this week as we look at a man who mastered the art of No, Jesus, and see how a No can transform aspects of your life.

Next Steps

  • I will do without something this week to learn I am not what I have.
  • I will fast from food to learn I do not have to be captive to my appetites.
  • I will fast from shopping to learn not to gratify my appetite for more.
  • I will fast from electronics and turn my mind and body toward God instead.
  • I will regularly carve out a period of time when I am not working and just being.
  • I will say no to the insanity of a frenzied world around me.
  • I will practice living life without human approval.
  • I will let someone be disappointed in me and be okay with that.
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