You Are Not God

You Are Not God

“You are not God!”

When people believe they can control their circumstances, when they fool themselves into believing that the world revolves around their own needs – the result is self-preoccupation, anxiety, inadequacy, and fear.

Nebuchadnezzar was a king who said to himself, “I am God.” Even those around him encouraged this thinking. They said, “Oh king, live forever,” and, “Be eternal, king. May you never die.”

However, Daniel warned Nebuchadnezzar that his spiritual foundation was weak. Daniel interpreted the king’s dream, telling him that soon a large stone would crash down on his statue, shattering its feet of clay and bringing its head of gold to the ground.

Daniel placed his hope in the Kingdom of God, not his own personal kingdom on earth. His life was filled with humility instead of self-preoccupation, with confidence instead of anxiety, with a sense of efficiency in his God instead of personal inadequacy, and a spirit of courage, not timidity and fear.

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