Open Up To The Truth

Open Up To The Truth

Did you know you have blind spots? No, not just in your car – in your life. The thing about blind spots though, is that we’re blind to them. If we could see them they wouldn’t be blind spots. Fortunately the Bible has a lot to say about how we can shine a light on those unseen areas of our life. That’s what we’ll be unpacking in this new teaching series, “Blind Spots”.

Next Steps

  • I will work to get past the layers that are blocking the truth from being known.
  • I will ask myself the question: Am I quicker to pass judgment on or gossip about other people than I am to see and feel the painful truth about myself?
  • I will ask God to reveal the truth about my character, speech, habits, ego — as much truth as I can bear.
  • When reading the Bible, I will ask God to reveal to me who he wants me to be.
  • Instead of defending, resisting or rationalizing, I will be open to learn the truth about me.
  • I will read the Bible with a repentant spirit.
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