Peace in the Storm

Peace in the Storm

This Sunday we study Colossians 3:15-17, where God calls us very clearly to let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts, to become a peace-filled people.

The truth is, very few people in this world are at peace. Most of us carry a high degree of stress, anxiety, and tension in our lives, yet Jesus came so that we may have peace. God says “I’m offering you the gift of peace,” and He means it. It’s not something we have to work for. It’s not something we deserve. We don’t beg for peace and then get it. It’s simply a gift.

Then why don’t I have it? And how do we get it?

We’re going to answer this question by looking at the last three points Paul makes. Three practices that will help us become the kind of people who let the peace of Christ reign in our hearts.

If we follow these practices, I believe our anxiety will go way down; we will have the subtle trust that our lives are safe in the hands of God; we won’t be tormented by our inadequacy; we will be unhurried; we won’t say so many of the foolish things we say; we won’t be defeated by guilt; we will live with the confident assurance of God’s care and control in our lives.

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