The Power of Envy to Destroy

The Power of Envy to Destroy

This Sunday at Blue Oaks Church we’re going to look at the contrast between David, who was “a man after God’s own heart” and his predecessor on the throne, King Saul, who grew increasingly envious and bitter.
We’ll see how the envy Saul developed for David destroyed what had started as a promising reign over Israel.
And by observing the stages Saul went through to his destruction, we will hopefully make it our prayer that God would search our hearts in order to avoid becoming bitter and resentful like Saul.

There are four stages we’ll look at in Saul’s downward spiral, beginning with his subtle disobedience to God.

Next, he learned to tolerate the loss of intimacy with God.

After that, he learned to tolerate poisoned relationships with those around him, especially with David.

And finally, Saul ended up betraying the very values he once built his life and kingdom on.

My hope and prayer is that this week Saul’s life will serve as a lesson to us in what to do and what not do as we strive to avoid developing an envious spirit.

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