Have you ever wondered what the future holds? In Daniel chapter 7, we discover a prophetic vision that not only unveils the ultimate destiny of the world, but also reveals the character of God and the hope we have in Christ. Join us this Sunday as we delve into this powerful chapter and learn how it applies to our lives today.

Next Steps

  • I will expect opposition, danger, suffering and persecution.
  • I will not give up in the face of opposition.
  • I will not give up when I experience suffering or persecution.
  • I will not take revenge into my hands.
  • I will forgive where I need to forgive and not hold on to resentment.
  • I will guard myself from a bitter, revengeful spirit while working for justice.
  • I will clean up my life in the area God has shown me.
  • I will confess to God and another person to get things right in my life.
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