The Prophesies

The Prophesies

Daniel 7 begins the prophesies. What these prophecies refer to have been debated by Christians throughout history.

However, there are some unmistakable themes in this chapter. One of the themes is God’s people will suffer; there will be opposition and danger awaiting them.

Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble.” We should just expect it.

And it’s not primarily trouble that involves physical suffering, though it can be. It’s primarily an attack on our spiritual lives. It’s primarily an attempt to pry men and women away from God.

It went on in Daniel’s day, and it goes on today, and it goes on in human hearts like yours and mine.

Daniel’s second big theme is an all-powerful God will put an end to his people’s suffering at the end of time.

God is going to set things right!

We need to hear God say, “In this world where there’s injustice and serious trouble, but don’t give up.”

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