Ready or Not, Here I Go

Ready or Not, Here I Go

Have you ever had to point out a blind spot to someone else…but really didn’t want to do it? You’re sure God is prompting you to ‘speak the truth in love’ but you want to wait until ‘the right time’, wait until you’re ready. Don’t miss this 3rd message in our teaching series, “Blind Spots”.

Next Steps

  • I will say “Yes” to God even thought I don’t feel ready.
  • I will say “Yes” to God in an area I’ve been saying “Not yet.”
  • I will obey God even though it’s risky.
  • I will say “Yes” to God in the area of generosity.
  • I will say “Yes” to volunteering at Blue Oaks.
  • I will help someone take their next step toward God.
  • I will be praying about who God wants me to invite to church on Easter Sunday.
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