Relational Breakdown

Relational Breakdown

For some people, relational breakdown is a source of constant, unrelenting pain. Maybe you have a treasured friendship that has been scarred. Maybe you have a brother or sister with whom you are no longer speaking. Maybe you have a son or daughter, or mother or father, and where there ought to be bonds of love, there is this gaping wound or distance between you. There is no pain in the world like the pain of relational breakdown. That’s why Jesus gave a set of instructions on what to do in the case of relational breakdown. Our goal in this message is to get maximum clarity on this issue and to commit to carrying out the instructions Jesus gave.

Next Steps

  • I will follow these 7 steps when dealing with conflict.
  • I will acknowledge when there is conflict.
  • I will take initiative to resolve conflict.
  • I will approach the person and not avoid the conflict.
  • I will go directly to the person I have a problem with.
  • I will go in private and approach the person with sensitivity.
  • I will discuss the problem directly, following the 4 steps from William Backus.
  • I will make reconciliation the aim in conflict.
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