Remember, Rejoice, Recalibrate

Remember, Rejoice, Recalibrate

Because of the resurrection, hundreds of millions of people all around the world stop what they’re doing on Easter Sunday, and they go to a church. Some go to remember. Others go the rejoice. Still others go to recalibrate, to ponder the significance of the resurrection.

In an attempt to help us remember and rejoice and recalibrate this Easter, we will focus on four brief conversations Jesus had with people shortly after the miracle of his resurrection. Each of these conversations can be summed up with two words that carry every bit as much meaning to us in 2022 as they did to Jesus’ listeners in 33 A.D.

Next Steps

  • I will use resurrection power to turn fear into faith in a particular area of my life.
  • I will do the research to resolve my doubts about the Christian faith.
  • I will follow Jesus and honor him in everything I do.
  • I will go out and change my little part of the world.
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