The Response of a Hero to The Cave

The Response of a Hero to The Cave

David was on the run from Saul and sought refuge in a cave. This was lowest point of David’s life. We know he eventually became the king of Israel, but not before his time in the cave.

We all spend time in “caves” when we are discouraged. Maybe you’re having financial problems. Maybe you’re not in the job or school of your dreams. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one to death or divorce. Maybe you always dreamed of being married, and it hasn’t happened. Maybe you are married but you’re deeply disappointed by it for whatever reason, and you’re in a cave. Maybe you’ve lost a good friend. Maybe you’ve been deeply disappointed in a relationship with a family member or friend. Maybe it involves a physical condition. Maybe you made a bad decision somewhere along the line, and everything is crashing down around you and you just find yourself alone.

We all spend time in the cave when we are discouraged.

How we respond in the cave is critical. Because usually when we finally leave the cave, we realize God has done some of His best work on us. That is, if we allow Him to do the work.

David did something remarkable in the cave that we all could stand to learn. He “encouraged himself in the Lord.” When we can’t find an answer to what is discouraging us or can’t count on anyone to help us, we must find encouragement in the Lord.

When we’re in the cave and we learn to encourage ourselves in the Lord, God will do some of His best work in us.

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