Seven Deadly Sins of Work

Seven Deadly Sins of Work

We all know that our work lives are an important aspect of our day-to-day, but what happens when our work morphs into our identity? Or, what happens when work becomes more of a burden than a blessing? At times, work can become such a cornerstone of our identity that it can move us into destructive habits and behaviors. This week we look at The 7 Deadly Sins of Work. We will examine our lives to see where work may be getting a grip on our hearts and then ask God to help us find forgiveness and freedom.

Next Steps

  • I will be an “and then some” kind of person in my work.
  • I will not treat someone differently based on their job.
  • I will ask the question, “How does my behavior, choices, words, financial life, and treatment of other people reflect the Jesus I follow and the God I serve?”
  • I will keep my priorities straight — God, family, then work.
  • I will do my current job with greater love.
  • I will be accountable for my work, and not make excuses.
  • I will create a daily finish line for work and I will honor the sabbath each week.
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