Steps To Manage Anger

Steps To Manage Anger

This week we are getting practical! Anger is often a part of our daily lives; we can grow angry when a coworker messes up a project, we can be angry at a spouse when they say something harmful, and we certainly know the anger when we see our kids making poor choices. Even though anger tends to be a part of our daily lives, our bodies are not made to live in a constant state of anger. Mismanaged anger puts stress on our bodies, souls, and relationships, but what do we do about this?

This week we are continuing our series on anger, looking at five steps we can implement into our lives that will help us when anger sparks.

Next Steps

  • I will memorize Proverbs 14:17 to reroute my thoughts when angry.
  • I will stop when anger begins to surface.
  • I will practice saying, “I could be wrong” this week.
  • I will ask, “Why am I angry?” and “What do I want?”
  • I will seek to understand the person I’m angry with.
  • I will follow these five steps when dealing with the person I’m angry with.
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